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The Spotlight: High Heels and Bars Present Tori Doe

The Harlem Bred, Youngest of Queen Of the Ring brings You this Swagged Out,Reggae Type Single 'A lot More' Directed By DCole. Tori Known for her Bars in the Ring is Out to Show the HipHop Community that she is also a Emcee that can Make Music and as the Title of this  Song she brings A LOT MORE to the stay tuned to this Young Phenom In and Out of the Ring!!!!

Charlie Clips T.V. Presents: Bar 4 Bar Monday

(Bar 4 Bar Monday #1 @CharlieClips)

'Let the Iron Creasin your Button Up until Your Collar Crack'

(Bar 4 Bar Monday #2: @CharlieClips)

'On Twitter they @ My Bars more than a Whino'

(Bar 4 Bar Monday #3 with Page from VA: @PageMuzik)

Clips: 'That Haze got You Special Ed Niggas on a Plane that's Stupid High'

Page: 'You One Nigga She Like Two at a Time,Her Dome Crazy..A Beautiful Mind'

Life With a Tooth Ep. 1 by DNA

The Young Queens Battle Rapper known for his Missing NOMORE...

Check Out his New Mini Series which Follows him 'a Day in the Life of DNA and Toothy'

Episode 1: Is Basically an Intro

'Hilarious' says One Member of the Bodega!


(Quote: You cant Handle the Tooth! & Just Know the Tooth Shall Set You Free)

Wednesday, April 4

Queen of the Ring: Watch the Throne: High Heels and Body Bags: The 2on2

High Heels and Body Bags: The 2on2

The Battlers


The Streets of Brooklyn on Feb 4th were literally in the words of Brownsville's M.O.P 'Cold as Ice' but that didn't stop the hundreds of battle seekers from all boroughs as well as different states to catch the nights events, sponsored by the #1 and thee only ALL FEMALE Battle League 'Queen of the Ring' watch the Throne was the highly anticipated event in which the Queens came to put on a show and a show they did put On. Many of the Leagues Top Tier battlers were on display such as Raine, Ms. Hustle, and QB the Black Diamond, but also ready to show,prove, and mark their territory in the Ring were the newcomers D-Hall,Star Smiles,Royal Honey, Ms. Murk and 40 Barrs. On this Cold Brooklyn Evening the Ladies Owned the Night. But the Buzz of all these battles the Battle that had everyone on the edge of their seats was the infamous Two On Two..........

First Round

No one would have thought that Shooney and Phara would have ended up as a tag team after the two squared off to what has been said to be one of the most intense female battles EVER.
With their Differences aside the two paired up to compete in the Worlds First Ever All Female 2on2. Shooney from Mt. Vernon and Phara from the Bronx attacked their opponents Tori and Don from the beginning. Shooney started Round1 with demanding that they went first and telling Vague that a Coin Toss was Unnecessary!

With the First few bars You knew that Shooney and Phara was not taking this lightly and took this serious, lyrical homicide. Even though it may seem that Mz Funeral came a little harder and had more Bars in this Round, Shooney held her Own when she exposed how Tori and Don fuck with battle rappers and don't even know their Government Names.

The Back and Forth,Bar for Bar style that Shooney and Phara was reminiscent of Old School Styles and Jada. The Energy that they brought to the room was Bananas, the finishing of each others sentences and the unison bars was my favorite from the both of these two ladies. The Fact that Phara took it to the streets with her swag and they way she approached both Tori and Don Laydii was Magnificent!

Tori and Don choose to go a different route with the Two on Two battle. Some may say that is was a good idea but others would have liked to see the back and forth format like classic two on twos of the past. With Don Lady going first she showed even in a two on two that she could hold her own. The More Witty performance of the Night Don kept Us entertained with bars and jokes of what she thought Phara and Shooney Looked like 'Meg and Peter Griffin' of the Famed Cartoon Family Guy.
The Only short comings of this whole battle for Don and Tori was the fact that with a Strong Team Performance coming from Shooney and Phara it was hard to hold the ground doing individual sets.

Round 2

Shooney and Phara came out the same way they did in Round One in Round Two...SWINGING!
You cant help but love the Disrespectful tactics of Shooney telling Tori that she goes to the Chop Shop and called her 'Brenda' of Tupac fame for aborting her unborn child needless to say the personals where flying in the air. From Charlie Clips,Goodz the Animal,K-Shine,Tsu Surf and X-Factor the name drops and accusations of who these ladies where romantic with added fuel to this lyrical fire.

Up for Round Two was Tori Doe, the youngest in this All Female League that can keep up with the best of them with her Swag, Performance and Bars. The Only downfall of Tori Doe is that she talks a lot during the rounds which is Battle Rap Rule Number One...No Talking when the other person is spitting not only is it disrespectful but it can sometimes mess up the other emcees thought process.
Doe gets points from not backing down to the two veterans in the ring as she approaches them as if she stood 6 foot 2! Even though she also came out swinging the lack of the performance and the two on two factor is the reason that this Second Round was also Given to Shoon & Phara.

Round 3

Tori and Don decided that they were gonna split this round and in retrospect pulled round one and two together. Style they didn't have the back and forth style of Shoon and Phara but still the Performance and Bars they had kept them in the race. Out of the Three Rounds this was the most entertaining with tactics such as Don lifting Tori up to be on Shooney level and Tori shedding light on the fact that certain things should not be said in a battle (Tori had an abortion and it was used against her in this battle) Round three if there could be a tie would be a tie. Lets not Count Shooney and Phara out as in their other two rounds they did GREAT team work,they honestly looked like a Rap Group signed with the illest Label. From Shoon and Pharacomparsion  and the use of the Male URL battlers. Again in this round Tori Doe continued to talk during the round,in order to be a real Top Tier Battler you are going to have to take the bars (lies or not). Don Ladyii held her own in the third round not too lyrical but her performance was on point. Tori's swag in the this 3rd round was one of the best,she knew  that the crowd was feeling her and most importantly she was feeling herself. All in all this two on two battle was one for the record books. All Four of these Femcees have earned their position in the Ring and they are truly sitting on the Throne.

--Even though we believe with the combination of Bars,Performance,Team Work,and Crowd Reactions is the reason we gave this battle to Shooney Da Rapper and Phara Funeral (3-0).

--But Cant Deny that Tori Doe and Don Ladyii brought the heat and showed that they could keep up with the best of them.

Good Battle Ladies!

Tsunami Surf: Painting a Picture (Riding the Wave: Not Only a Battler)

When it comes to music an artist may have different ways to connect with the Masses. Whether it be connecting with Radio Friendly tunes or as we once called it 'Ringtone Music' or 'Political Views' via conscience rap. No matter how an artist connects with their fans the sign of a true emcee is the Art of Story Telling, painting a vivid picture with just WORDS...(Lyrics)When we think of this type of talent we All think about the Emcee/Battle Rap Heavyweight Tsu Surf....

 To Say Surf is just a mere Battle Rapper would be absurd. Tsunami (which Tsu is Short) is an all around Artist,which Battle Rap is just one platform that Tsu uses to connect with the public. We as fans know that most emcees that make dope music could not survive on that URL stage. We Also acknowledge that some of your favorite battlers don't have the ability to capture out attention on a beat as they do on stage. Tsu has been blessed with the Gift of being a Top Tier Battler in the Ultimate Rap League as well as being one Hell of an Emcee.
Tsunami Surf has showed us on Surfs Up as well as Surfs Up 1.5 that Battle Rap comes second to his Gift of Making Music. We at the Bodega are Major believers that  this New Jersey Representative has what is needed to take the mainstream music America by Storm. He has proven that without battle rap independently his music and videos can receive hundreds and thousands of views. And with 15,000+ downloads of his recently released mixtape (Surfs Up 1.5) within hours of its release he has shown the underground world that he is READY! Tsunami Surf is a name to remember and to look out for because he is going to be a household name and it would be ashamed to miss that WAVE!
Fans Flock to Tsu Surf's music not only because of the beats and the features, NO they flock because this Young Man was Blessed with the Gift of Painting a Picture with his Words. With the drop of his latest song release Tsunami paints a perfect picture of 'the Game' of Loyalty, Deceit, and Payback in a mere 4 minutes and 41 seconds with 'Mista Story'. Tsu Continues the story of Ty and Tony on 'Tonys Story' by MMGs own Meek Mill of Philly. Meek introduced us to Ty and Tony who are Big Money Drug Dealers in which Ty dies but in Mista Story,Tsu continues the Story with a Young Drug Runner Mista who was mentored by Tony who is fucking with his sister. Not going to go into too much detail in the storyline..the audio video is below check that shit out and let the words play in your head.
Okay, if you haven't learned by now Tsu Surf is not only a great emcee but he is at the forefront of using the battle rap platform to step into new ventures. As of 2012, Tsunami is the face of 'LRG',what other Battler can say they were endorsed by a clothing company? Don't worry I'll wait....(Looks at Watch)NONE! 'LRG' in our opinion picked the right person to represent them because Surf is not only a dope emcee and an ill battler he is most importantly a fan favorite because he is not keeps his ear to the streets but he is the streets. He is also a fan favorite because with over 100k tweets and more than 20k Followers its apparent that Surf interacts with the people who love him the most...his fans! The Approachable Tsunami has the charisma to make US #SurfClub members feel as we could just Roll-Up a doobie with him and politic. We at the Bodega salute this Young New Jersey Ridah from Newark. There is so much more to be seen by Tsunami Surf so get your sunscreen and surf boards because life's a beach and remember '1Pinky 1Thumb' #SurfsUpHoe

(We at the Bodega are looking forward to the Success of Tsunami Surf)

(Quote: Got Em Chasing ALL the Jackson's so he feeling like Kobe)

Feels Good to Be the KING: 2011 MVP: X-Factor

Its March 27,2011 and Santos House is filled to capacity with anxious spectators. Standing face to face awaiting to compere in a lyrical war is Detroit Veteran X-Factor versus New Jersey Savior Tsunami Surf. At this point the crowd is noticeably filled with members of #SurfClub a.k.a Tsunami fans so the odds against the vet were stacked. But with the flip of a coin and the slogan 'Your Swags off Fag Sauce' this seasoned vet showed he was ready for WAR. He came out swinging and let surf know that his Bitches (x_factor) wouldn't let him sniff their period panties. These two heavyweights put on a show and ended the night with a #ClassicBattle. I don't speak for everyone at the Bodega but Factor won 2-1(with Surf taking the 1st). Even tho X has been on the battling scene since the days of the SMACK DVD thus the reason he is a seasoned vet but the battle against surf(many have stated) is the battle that really introduced X-Factor as a top tier battler in the URL.  
The Date is August 7,2011 and History is in the making with the Biggest Battle Rap Event EVER taking place in New Yorks Webster Hall. With every battle of Summer MADNESS CONSISTING OF THE url'S heavyweights. Not Only was the buzz around Summer Madness one matched to a Jay-Z concert but the Outcome of 2.5k+ spectator was unheard of for the Battle Rap culture. The Night was set off right when Detroit's very own X-Factor went against Queens NY's DNA with the toss of the Coin and the Slogan 'Your Swags Off Fag Sauce',X went to work on his young competitor. X-Factor controlled the crowd and awed us all with the pre-rebuttals,handling DNA like a student,X was Definitely Mr. Miyagi as DNA played Daniel Sun. Mr. Swags Off Who always made a Fat Bitch Bungee Cord Snap on a Nigga told not only DNA but the rest of the World what the true meaning of Priorities meant. On the biggest Night in Battle Rap X-Factor became the MVP and the Man to Battle.

Equipped with Bars and Performance X-FACTOR began to slowly creep into every ones Top 5. He also has proven just because a battler has a slip-up in a battle doesn't mean you should count him out. From choking in the first round against Cortez to Murdering Cor in the 2nd,to slipping up in the 1st against Tech to defeating him in the 2nd and 3rd, with bars hat went over heads like Fly Balls. X- Factor came into 2011 ready to show the nay-sayers that he is indeed a contender and by the time Motor City Mayhem occurred Factor is in that #1 Spot.

The Date is December 3rd of the year twenty-eleven and the MVP position is about to be solidified, for not only is the venue packed but finally the URL has arrived in Detroit(home of the Lions,Eminem,the World famous Motown Records and URL veteran X-Factor) he faces Bronx Bomber Rich Dolarz whose resume is one of the 'if' not thee most impressive of the league. The Detroit crowd showed the Bronx Emcee no love at all (which many would call 'Bias') but with the toss of the coin and the Dolarz going 1st he lost the crowd even more when he quote unquote 'choked'. Now we know from watching X that a choke does not mean a loss but in the battle world it does mean that the battler has to come twice as hard to regain momentum. In this case Rich's momentum would never be regained and the MVP took the battle 3-0. Rich Dolarz did have a good round when it came to the 2nd but when X battled Rich's Stanky Yanky Fitted and finished his round off with one of the most memorable bars in 2011 it was all she wrote. But the a real MVP one does not stop scoring because of the title,NO they keep going until the win is in the Bag and in this case a #BodyBag. X continued to score when he let Dolarz know about his Priorities and  the reason he doesn't get the respect he deserves is because of his set-ups and bars. Needless to say KING QUOTABLE proved to many that his longevity along side Bars and an excellent performance gets every ones attention and makes a few slip-ups irrelevant. Three Remarkable Battles and the MVP of 2011 is Undeniably,X-Factor,Your Favorite Rapper!!

(We at the Bodega are fanatics of the URL movement and cant wait to see who will be MVP of 2012 or if it will stay the same)

                                                  -Congratulations Bub!!

(Quote) 'I'm From Detroit where Hustling a Profession so for that Work they let off Rounds they Carry Wesson so they Will Smith (Smif) You for 7 Pounds!'

Monday, March 26

The Grey Spectrum: Skittles and Ice Tea!!

Real Quick Thoughts:

I haven't Spoken on the Trayvon Martin Case not because I dont care..I Do! And Very Much So..I haven't Spoken on It Because Everyone is Making it a Race Issue.
I wasn't going to Speak on it Until I saw this Picture and its Caption.

It States this Case didn't Get Media Attention because it was a Black on White Crime.... WRONG!

Murder is Murder No Matter what Race You are its WRONG! The Killers in the above Picture were Arrested and Charged. Theres a Difference.

In his Death Trayvon Martinis a Leader of Unity. His Death is Not about Black or White in My Eyes its about a Grown Man who Killed a Child.
The Trayvon Martin case is about an Armed Man claiming self-defense against an Unarmed Child. George Zimmerman a Self Appointed Vigilante.

More Importantly it Shines a Light on Florida Law: Chapter 776: The statute is as Stated “JUSTIFIABLE USE OF FORCE.”

In Layman Terms: The Right to Kill! ..and Sadly in a Two Person Confrontation this is Hard to Prove Otherwise without a Witness.

George Zimmerman was Told by the 911 Dispatcher NOT to Follow Trayvon but he continued! Is it because he knew he was Armed and was Ready to Shoot at Will! Would Zimmerman had continued to Follow Trayvon if he was Unarmed? ...Probably NOT

But the Fact that Trayvon screamed 'HELP' more than 3x is Proof that He wasn't Harming Zimmerman and indeed needed HELP Himself.Many people in this Country are killed and more than many are innocent! This is NOT a Black or White Issue its a Grey Issue that hads to do with what's WRONG and

Innocent People are Killed Everyday in this Country and Tons go Out without this type of media attention. The difference in this case is a 17 year old almost MAN was murdered in an unjust fashion, and the killer is able to walk free.

Martin was almost a man, but died a child coming home from the store from buying Skittles & Ice Tea...